Senior writer & analyst with experience providing strategic advice & support to c-suite executives, sr. government officials & up-and-comers.

Writing services –>

Long-form content & articles

Long-form content boosts your company's SEO ranking, provides valuable information to your target audience, and builds your company's brand and authority.

You come to me with a business objective, promotional idea, or problem and I'll develop the content that'll help you achieve or solve it.

This type of content tends to be technical and complex in nature and takes a moderate amount of time to develop and publish. Click here for an example.


I'll produce newsletters, sales & email letters, speeches, briefing materials and you take the credit.

Sales & email letters

Even though I work in government and write a lot of dry, technical documents, I have plenty of experience writing punchy sales letters and continue to subscribe to expert copywriting workshops to keep my skills and knowledge fresh in this area.

Analytical services – >

Research & analysis

You provide me with a problem and a scope of work and I'll deliver a:

  • situation analysis
  • market and environmental scans
  • jurisdictional and inter-jurisdictional scans
  • policy papers, etc.

These types of projects tend to be larger in scope and span a month or longer.


Do you want to know what people think, want, or need?

Research and evaluation services focus on providing analysis on a range of topics and methods including conducting participatory studies that rely on surveys and interviews as well as content analysis, logic models, literature reviews, and data analysis.

Again, these types of projects tend to be larger in scope and span several weeks or months.